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Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.  We will NEVER give, sell, or in any way betray the trust you have given in sharing your information with us.   
Sacred Partnership
Manifesting your True Love
...a Conscious Preparation for spirit-based, balanced love and wholeness

A four (4) week Teleseminar Series
Interactive...opportunity for questions and input
$120 for the series
2006 Dates:  Wednesdays:  70 minutes each

October 25:
3 pm Hawaii; 6 pm PST; 9 pm EST

November 1:
4 pm Hawaii; 6 pm PDT; 9 pm EDT
4 pm Hawaii; 6 pm PDT; 9 pm EDT
***Note:  October date 3pm Hawaii...November dates 4 pm Hawaii

4 pm Hawaii; 6 pm PDT; 9 pm EDT
November 15:

November 8:
See below for a detailed description of each session.
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Create spirit-based Higher Love?
Attract a partner in resonance with you?
Be able to let go of dysfunctional love?
Manifest the partner of your dreams?

For all of you who have expressed interest in my one day workshop on Spiritual Partnership, which I have facilitated worldwide, this is your chance to enjoy the process from your own home via telephone! I am very happy to have the opportunity to offer you this series, which is based on my popular workshop, so that you don't need to travel for this special and powerful experience. I hope you will join me in this fascinating journey!
With love, Trish
Nov. 1: Healing Past Relationships

Many believe that in order to attract the Spiritual Partner that resonates with you on many levels, it is necessary to completely heal your past relationships. This means bringing to consciousness any dysfunctional emotional attachments and allowing forgiveness and acceptance into your heart. I will lead you in a very powerful guided meditation that will assist you to come into compassion and unconditional love in the most profound way, allowing you to let go and heal your past relationships on the highest Spiritual level. This will free you to become the magnet for the appropriate relationship that you deserve....a love you can cherish that is deep and true.
Nov. 8: Masculine/Feminine Balance

It is important to have a sense of balance between your inner masculine and feminine in order to attract a mate that is also expressing this vital balance. It is the relationship that includes two whole beings, rather than imbalanced individuals, that thrives and grows with Spiritual awareness and life. During this session, we will examine this balance and I will lead you in a guided meditation deep into your inner selves to facilitate healing deep unconscious wounds of your inner masculine and feminine. Your homework will be to get clear about the qualities you wish to have in relationship.
Nov. 15: Getting Clear & Manifesting

During this session, I will share with you a clear and proven process that will help you to transmute negetive beliefs that are preventing you from manifesting Sacred Partnership. I will take you on a journey to literally change those beliefs into the reality that you wish. Then I will lead you in a visualization process that empowers your creation and take you on a meditative journey to complete your conscious intention to create what is your heart's desire. You will have the opportunity to powerfully and permanently communicate with the Universe your choice, your creation and your will to manifest Sacred Partnership. This process is enegetically assisted by many Beings of Light who will be resonating with your energy field with deepest unconditional love. To end the series, I will share with you a profound ritual that can assist you in your manifestation.
Note from Trish:
Like you, who are interested in this teleseminar, all of my life I yearned to be whole and complete and to travel the pathways of life with my spiritual partner by my side. I desired to be bonded in Love, a Love so powerful and deep it could take two souls and create a brilliant spirit of blended and unified Light. Knowing the truth of the saying, "love yourself first and you will draw to you the Beloved," I decided in 1989 to put some consciousness into my yearning. I committed myself to my Self with a sacred inner marriage ritual, and feeling whole and complete unto myself, I "manifested" my perfect spiritual partner --- my "dream man!" --- Doug Hackett, into my life.

We have been married since 1992 and live a magical adventure, facilitating Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii Seminars and retreats and other Spiritual workshops worldwide (established in 1994). This kind of sacred bond transcends fear and in its spiritual vision provides freedom in oneness. Please join me in this powerful and joyous step-by-step process and make the commitment to Self and to healing Love!

My story is told in detail in my book series Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It.

Oct. 25:  Introduction

Learn about the difference between Sacred Partnership and other kinds of relationships. Hear about the true freedom that empowers both partners when relationship is based upon Spirit. You will hear my story of how, in 1989, I manifested my husband, Doug, into my life in a very conscious five month inner spiritual journey. In this teleseminar series, I will utilize the tools I received from Spirit that assisted me in this manifestation. At the end of each session, I will be giving you short processes to practice in between the weekly sessions.

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.  We will NEVER give, sell, or in any way betray the trust you have given in sharing your information with us.   
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If you cannot attend this teleseminar in person by phone, you can purchase the complete Teleseminar series on CD, (to be made available after completion of the series, of course)
If you are wanting to attract your true spiritual partner, this series is for you!
What is Spiritual Partnership?
Healing and completing past relationships
Making the commitment to Higher-Self
Balancing masculine - feminine energies
Getting clear about what we want
Bringing Spirit into the body
Detachment and faith
Persons who have previously participated in either our Sacred Partnership Workshops, or the Sacred Partnership Teleseminar are invited to return free of charge and continue your journey with us, as you create your own Sacred Partnership!
Teleseminar Series with Audio Download $130
Teleseminar Series Only $120
After-Series: 4-CD Set of Entire Teleseminar ~ $120
Teleseminar Series with Complete CD Set $180
Teleseminar Series Only $120
Teleseminar Series with Audio Dowload $130
After-Series: 4-CD Set of Entire Teleseminar ~ $120
Teleseminar Series with Complete CD Set $180